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Training Zone Facilities

The Spray Wall

Our 40 degree training wall has around 15 square meters of dedicated training climbing area. The wall is set with hundreds of varying holds that can be used from developing to advanced climbers.

Check out our wall on the Stokt Climbing App where you can find loads of different boulder problems set by our route setters as well as other climbers. Don’t forget to set some of your own!!

Strength Training

A range of strength training equipment, including a campus board,

hang boards, chin up bars, gym rings, and weight vests.

Loads of starter training guides to help climbers with all the gear, key exercises and sample session plans.

Included in Entry

Our dedicated strength and climbing training area is open to all customers over 16 years of age (or members of our kids squad program). Access to the Training Zone is available at no extra charge for any casual visitors, gym members and is also included in bouldering only entry – check out pricing and membership options here Pricing